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Emergency Communities became a "project" of the International Humanities Center in November 2005. As a startup non-profit, Emergency Communities saw that the daunting tax of applying for independent 501(c)3 status through the IRS would delay our project for at least six months. Clearly, with the disaster on the ground as tragic as it is, we could not afford to waste time in red tape.

Fortunately, we were lucky enough to find the IHC - an organization commited to assisting nascent non-profits or groups of people by "sponsoring" them. The IHC is our umbrella organization, a non-profit dedicated to fiscally sponsoring groups and helping them do the "bean counting" so that we can focus on our projects on the ground.

Thus, all of our donations go to the IHCenter first - that is how they are tax-deductible. The IHC then disperses the donations into the Emergency Communities account, where they are then used on the ground to help feed people and meet the needs of the local community. You can donate here.


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