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Longest Walk to New Orleans
07/27/07     Mark Weiner

In an amazing act of charity, 20-year old Ball State University student Ben Poor is walking from New Palestine, Indiana all the way to New Orleans. He's raising awareness for the continuing struggles of New Orleans residents. Along the way, he's also raising money for Emergency Communities. The walk is a grand total of 868 miles! We applaud his dedication to helping out New Orleans, which is still desparately needed. He will be arriving at our site on August 16th, and we're looking forward to it. You can read more about his walk here and here.


Author: Jorge     08/08/07
Wow! Ben Poor is AWESOME!!! Thanks Ben!

Author: EC Volunteer     08/09/07
thanks for coming, Ben! we love you

Author: i love ec     08/10/07
i love ben poor. welcome to new orleans!



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