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Mayor Nagin and City Council visit us!
08/23/07     Mark Weiner

Yesterday, August 22nd, the city council president (Hon. Arnie Fielkow), Councilwoman Cynthia Willard Lewis, and Mayor Ray Nagin all came to Emergency Communities' site in the Lower 9th Ward! They wanted to thank all the volunteers who've come down since Katrina, and they chose our site for their event. It was a great time, with barbecue, music, and wonderful speeches. They gave us a proclamation as well (I'm the one with red hair holding the proclamation, btw.) Here's a picture taken by Mavis Yorks of Common Ground:


Author: Mark Weiner     08/23/07
I also wanted to add that it was a wonderful opportunity for the residents that come to our community center to speak directly with their politicians, which I believe went very well. Thanks to everyone who came!

Author: Kate Fogle     08/23/07
What a great party! I was really excited to see Ray Nagin make an appearance in the Lower Nine and speak with an often over-looked group of his constituency. And the chicken was delicious!



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